Naini Lake

Naini LakeNaini Lake, a natural make of mother earth is set amidst seven mountains that surround this stagnant water pool and high peaks that almost touch the sky. Many tourists flock to view its enchanting beauty that stretches over 3.5 km long and also where one can sit on the banks and enjoy a view of the sun rising till it sets and its lovely reflection on this lake. The District of Nainital got its name from this lake believed to be where the left eye of 'Sati' fell; hence, the name 'Naini' was derived. The Naina Devi Temple that stands beside this lake is supposed to be the exact spot where her eye fell and is known as one of the 51 Shakti Peeths where devotees from across the region visit to offer their prayers to Goddess Naina.

Naini Lake is defined as one of the most visited attractions in India and for that very reason it has become the core of living for all the locals. The Lake divides Nainital into two parts that forms the Northern side called Mallital and the Southern side is called Tallital, both of which are connected by a Lake bridge called 'Danth' which features the only Post Office in the entire world that is constructed on a Lake Bridge. The Statue of Gandhi Ji was also erected here and the Nainital Bus Stand, Taxi Stand and Railway Reservation centre are also located on this Lake Bridge. Many people stand or stroll through this bridge to admire the green waters and its surroundings. This lake offers a splendid boating experience by paddling or rowing including yachting at a reasonable rate that ranges from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 100/- depending on boat type and the peak and non-peak seasons.

The circumference of Naini Lake is fringed with hotels, restaurants, small souvenir shops. It is dotted with cottages and villas in Victorian style of architecture which are still seen but some have changed their designs to match the new era though keeping the actual designs would have added an old charm to this town. When these houses, shops and restaurants light up at night their reflection encircles the lake to form a beautiful gem like necklace adorned by the region. In the morning the town comes alive with tourists and locals busy shopping and going about their normal chores.

Naini Lake forms an ideal destination for Families, Honeymooners, Adventure lovers and Nature admirers to stay, enjoy and start their journey further to explore the other regions of Kumaon and enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

Naini Lake

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