How to Reach Nainital

Nainital is easily accessible by Air, Road and Rail link. The nearest airport is the Pant Nagar located in Uttarakhand. You can land here and then book a tourist bus or cab to Nainital that is well connected via NH-24 and NH-87 from Delhi, Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow, Bareilly, Dehradun and Haridwar on a daily basis.

Volvo buses have a seating capacity of 41 seats and 45 seats on non-AC buses and 35 seats on deluxe coaches that can be booked online. Non air-conditioned Buses cost Rs. 300/- per journey and Air-conditioned Semi Sleeper Volvo Luxury Buses cost Rs. 800/- per journey. These tour buses depart from New Delhi at night around 2100 hrs to 2200 hrs approximately, an overnight journey arriving at Nainital around 0700 or 0800 hrs. Please note that these are just approximate figures and the actual schedule can be obtained online or by phoning.

If you choose to travel by taxi cabs, depending on the route taken, the pricing will fall between Rs. 3,500/- to Rs. 4,500/- [Subject to Change]. If you are driving your own vehicle then fuel consumption depends on the distance covered. There are 2 routes that you can follow from Delhi. One is via Rampur and the other is via Kaladhungi.

The route via Rampur is OK up to Moradabad; however, as you approach Rampur, the highway gets very crowded and jam-packed due to the markets and busy shopping area at Bilaspur that you will need to cross through to reach Haldwani. From here you are faced with loads of traffic, dirty bumpy roads, heavy vehicles and bullock carts that can really dampen your journey spirits and take longer to reach; hence, not recommended. For your information the route map is; Delhi via Ghaziabad, Hapur, Garmukteshwar, Gajraula, Moradabad, Rampur, Haldwani, Kathgodam and finally Nainital. To explain in detail, follow the NH-24 highway up to Moradabad, then turn right after the bypass to arrive at Rampur and follow the NH-87 route through Bilaspur, Haldwani and Kathgodam and then climb to reach Nainital.

On the contrary the road via Kaladhungi is more refreshing filled with scenic beauty and excellent road conditions, lesser traffic and safer and definitely much shorter with only 265 km of distance to cover in a very reasonable 6-7 hours; hence, definitely recommended. The route map is; Delhi via Ghaziabad, Hapur, Garmukteshwar, Gajraula, Moradabad, Tanda, Bazpur, Kaladhungi and finally Nainital. To explain the route in detail, you leave Delhi following the NH-24 route through Hapur by-pass and Gajraula till you reach at Moradabad by-pass. Once you cross the bypass, take a left U-turn after the Moradabad Bypass and drive through Tanda Dadyal Road for about 8 km till you reach a right turn pointing to Bazpur, take this right turn and drive straight up to Bazpur, [an easy Landmark is the Bazpur Gurudwara located just after the Rail Tracks and please Do Not take the 'Kashipur City' road], then drive straight to Kaladhungi where you pass through a Jungle, cross a small bridge and drive over 200 mts to finally arrive at Kaladhungi. From here you will see a sign board that points left to Nainital, take this left turn and then a right turn to start your 35 km climb straight to Nainital.

By Trains to Nainital

If you choose to travel by Train, then book your train tickets from the Railway station counter to travel by the Ranikhet Express that leaves from the Old Delhi Railway Station at about 2230 hrs and arrives at Kathgodam at 0530 hrs. Kathgodam is the nearest Railhead from Nainital and about 34 km away also known as the 'Gateway to the Kumaon Hills'. You can then hire a taxi or bus from here or Haldwani which is just a few km away. Taxis are available on shared seat basis and can cost Rs. 200-300 per journey not per person [Subject to Change] whereas most of the buses are found from the Haldwani roadways bus stand and cheaper in price than cabs.

Below is the list of some trains arrives to Kathgodam and Lalkua from other cities.

Train No Train Name From To Arrival Frequency
5013 Ranikhet Express Delhi Kathgodam 06:05 Daily
5035 UTR Samprk K EX Delhi Kathgodam 22:45 Daily
3019 Bagh Express Howarah Kathgodam 09:35 Daily
5308 Nainital Express Lucknow Lalkua 06:30 Daily
5311 Kumoun Express Mathura Lalkua 08:30 Daily
4320 DDN KGM Express Dehradun Kathgodam 07:25 Daily
2208 KGM Garib Rath Jammu Tawi Kathgodam 14:35 Weekly(Tuesday)
2209 CNB Garib Rath Kanpur Kathgodam 15:10 Weekly(Tuesday)


Below is the list of some trains departures from Lalkua and Kathgodam to other cities.

Train No Train Name From To Departure Frequency
5014 Ranikhet Express Kathgodam Delhi 20:40 Daily
5036 UTR Samprk K EX Kathgodam Delhi 08:50 Daily
3020 Bagh Express Kathgodam Howarah 21:55 Daily
5307 Nainital Express Lalkua Lucknow 20:45 Daily
5312 Kumoun Express Lalkua Mathura 19:00 Daily
4319 KGM DDN Express Kathgodam Dehradun 19:40 Daily
2207 Jammu Garib Rath Kathgodam Jammu Tawi 18:30 Weekly(Tuesday)
2210 CNB Garib Rath Kathgodam Kanpur 18:30 Weekly(Tuesday)


Distance from other places to Nainital are Kathgodam [34 km], Haldwani [40 km], Lal-kuan [60 km], Ranikhet [62 km], Almora [64 km], Ramnagar [65 km], Kausani [117 km], Bareilly [140 km], Champawat [160 km], Pithoragarh [188 km], Haridwar [245 km], Dehradun [300 km], New Delhi [265-310 km, depending on starting point], Badrinath [334 km], Lucknow [400 km] and Agra [403 km].

How to reach Nainital

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