Ghorakhal, which means a 'pond of water for horses' is a small but picturesque town that is elevated at the height of over 2000 mts above sea level and a short distance of 4 km from Bhowali and very close to the nearest Railway Station in Kathgodam which is 36 km away.

Ghorakhal homes the famous and first Military School of Uttarakhand named Sainik School of Ghorakhal, established on 21st March 1966 by the Sainik School Society whose main mission is to prepare students for the Offices of Cadre as well as other important professions. It is a Boy's School that accepts boys between the age of 10 and 11 years of age. This school not only prepare students for entry into NDA [National Defence Academy] and other cadres but also prepare them both mentally and physically infusing patriotism and love of their country that makes them ready for any task in life.

Ghorakhal offers a perfect destination and a serene getaway for those seeking solitude and respite from the crowd of a city. It is surrounded by scenic beauty of misty blue-green Mountains and green meadows. It also has good weather almost throughout the years and Hotels and Resorts are available for stay to all tourists.

Ghorakhal also attracts a huge crowd of devotees who worship the Golu Devta, an incarnation of Gaur Bhairav or Lord Shiva by offering their prayers at the Golu Devta Temple. A new and unique ritual of this temple is where devotees make their petitions on stamp papers to the presiding deity and when their wish is fulfilled they thanks him by hanging bells and offering sacrificial animals to the God of the temple.

Lord Golu is a mythological and ancient God of Kumaon who was a General and son of Jhal Rai, a Katyuri King and Queen Kalinka who is believed to be the sister of two local deities named Sem Deviyun and Harishchand Deviyun, the divine spirit of King Harish of the Chand dynasty. Another version is that Lord Golu was the General of Baz Bahadur, a Chand King. He was a martyr who fought valiantly at war after which this Temple was constructed in his honour. And yet another story states that Lord Golu was beheaded by the King of Binsar for no fault. His head fell at Kaparkhan and body fell into Gairad at Dana Golu; hence an ancient temple was established at Dana Golu dedicated to Lord Golu a few km from Almora. The other popular Temples dedicated to Golu Devta are seen in Chitai and Champawat.


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