Cave Gardens in Nainital

The Eco Cave Gardens is the latest addition to the list of tourist attractions in Nainital. It is a short visit of 1 km from SukhaTal and 2 Km from Mallital situated just next to the Kumaon University Campus.

This is a natural Garden that has six caves in total along with a musical fountain which can be explored my tourists making it an informative trip and knowledge of how animals had once stayed here though now you will find none. Children especially enjoy this section of touring as it offers them an intriguing journey through these caves and at the same time bringing out the explorer within and helping them learn more about an eco friendly wildlife.

The path from entrance of each cave gets narrower as you proceed into it and there is an opening to get out of each cave; however, it is recommended that people who are claustrophobic or easily run short of breath should not explore the latter smaller ones especially. The entry fee per adult is Rs. 20/- and per child is Rs. 10/-. Camera charges are extra and cost Rs. 25/- for each camera carried over and above the entry fee. It is opened from 0930 hours to 1730 hours daily only in the best seasons for public visitation; however most touring sites are closed on national holidays, Holi and Diwali festivals.

Cave Gardens

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