Nainital, a shimmering treasure of Uttarakhand, is endowed with panoramic uniqueness and diverse organic assets. Marked with Lakes, it has attained the name of The 'Lake City' and 'Lake District' of India with the most significant Naini Lake encircled by seven hills. Featuring a mixed topography, Nainital showers... more about Nainital Tourism


More About Nainital

Nainital, the mysterious water-body haven sits amidst the infamous Himalayan Ranges and is a celebrated hill vacation resort of India. This town intrigues every visitor and merely captures your senses in just about every bit of its majestic hues apart from being aptly called the 'Lake City', 'Lake Paradise', and 'Lake District’ of India - Names that rationalize its character, making it the central Tourist Lake Destination in India.

Situated within the Kumaon foothills of Uttarakhand, set on the surface of the Himalayan Ranges, Nainital is naturally dotted with smaller lakes of which 'Naini Lake', 'BhimTal', 'SaatTal' or 'Sattal', 'NaukuchiaTal' and 'KhurpaTal' are the famous ones who have lately been established to present visiting tourists with more delights and uniqueness of this Region.

In Nainital, activities range from boating, fishing, canoeing, yachting and more apart from Trekking options, Excursions, and Wildlife Expeditions. Identified as the best hill holiday resort in India, this small scenic town definitely lures in tourists, all-year-round, welcoming them with vistas of pure beauty from snow clad Mountain Ranges to verdant Valleys, Streams, and Lakes. Perched at an altitude of 1,938 meters above mean sea level, this town is seen attired with lavish eco-friendly woodlands, blessed with a range of vibrant Flora and Fauna existence.

You can enjoy leisure nature walks around the periphery of the Naini Lake Bridge that links Mallital and Tallital, or set yourselves on a pony for a ride of a lifetime to view the stunning snow-capped Himalayans Ranges lined across the Horizon. Of the many tourist attractions in Nainital comprising of the Astronomical Observatory, Botanical Garden & Waterfall, Dorothy's Seat, Eco Cave, the Naini Lake forms the central feature spanning close to 2 miles in length with its depth unknown. This Lake is enveloped within 7 hills named 'Sapta-Shring' comprising of Naini Peak or China Peak, Laria Kanta, Deopatta, Alma Peak or Snow View Peak, Aryapatta, Sher-Ka-Danda Ridge, and Handi-Bandi.

The aerial view of Naini Lake resembles a Green Emerald eye cocooned within Nainital valley and encased with numerous cottages, retail outlets, dining establishments and lodging venues. Coated with dense woodlands prior to its establishment as a Hill Resort, Nainital was primarily inhabited by Kumauni Tribal folks. It was founded in 1839 by the British and developed into their summer retreat destination. Following Independence, it was converted into the summer Destination of the Uttar Pradesh State Government Officials, which was discontinued in 1963, and then transformed into one of the most visited Hill Station Tourist Destinations of India.

Nainital as a fantastic Hill Station holiday resort that draws in Adventure seekers, Honeymoon Couples, Families, and Nature Enthusiasts seeking for a reclusive site away from the hectic city life, and hence a must-visit for all.


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